So you wanna write a blog?

Well, this is it. The first blog post.

For anyone who’s wondering, I’m MistoElectra, or Megan, if you want to call me that. For anyone who wasn’t…well, I’ve told you anyway.

What do people write in first blog posts anyway? Do they tell people about themselves? Do they talk about what they plan to post to the blog? Talk about their breakfast? To be quite honest, I’m pretty new to this whole blogging lark, so I’ll probably do all of the above. Except talk about my breakfast because I slept in today.

Anyway, as I’ve said, I’m Misto, a Psychology student from Northern Ireland who currently resides in bonnie Edinburgh and who probably spends more time in the theatre than my actual flat. Degree? What degree? I’ll live in the crypt and survive by selling baked goods and the thermal socks my grandmother insists on sending ten pairs of to me. I’m a huge theatre nut, being involved in both the acting side and the production side, and this academic year alone, I’ve been involved in around 15 different shows somehow.

Essentially with this blog, it’s going to be a real mish-mash of things. I’ll be posting about just about everything, from daily life, to reviews for different things,to what I’m doing theatre-wise and about my summer holiday this year because I’m going to Florida!!! Disney World is waiting for me and I am super excited!

That’s about all from me for now, so I’ll see you all next time.

Signing off,

Misto x


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