Florida 2017- 39 Days!!!

39 DAYS TO GO!!!!

That’s right, only 39 days until we go to Florida and I am so incredibly excited right now, I can hardly put it into words. Literally one of my favourite places in the world, if only it weren’t so far away and so expensive, I’d probably go all the time but alas, it is not to be.

Anyhow, given that I’m going to be blogging and (hopefully) vlogging this holiday, I’ve decided to keep a bit of a countdown on this blog. I did intend to do this yesterday, so as to be able to do the countdown at 40, 30, 25,20,  15, 10, 5, and then every day until we go, but I got distracted and so you’re getting it at 39. Ah well.

First of all though, I should probably introduce myself properly along with my companion for the holiday who will be featuring in this daily blog/vlog with me and that is my flatmate and one of my best friends Steph.


Like me, she’ll also be 20, which means we’ll be a little too young for any alcohol, but to be quite honest, neither of us are really drinkers anyway. Also like me, she’ll go on literally any ride, adores Disney and will quite happily get up for early mornings followed by late nights for the sake of two weeks in the happiest place on earth.

We’ll be flying Dublin-Chicago-Orlando, with a nice early start of a 9am flight. Which naturally means getting to the airport for at least 6. Which involves leaving at about 3. WOOOOO!

Yeah, I’ll probably have gotten very little sleep.

Once we get there though, we plan to just check in, do a quick Walmart run to stock up on the necessary foodstuffs, and then have a quiet night in because our first day is going to be MAGIC KINGDOM!!!

Anyway, I’m going to leave this post here, and I’ll update you more on our schedules and the like when we get to 30 days to go, because by then, we’ll have booked our fastpasses! Yay, excitement!

Signing off,

Misto x


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