24 Days to go!!!

Yay! It’s 24 days till Florida and what we’ve established so far is that I’m pretty rubbish at doing a countdown with milestones. I had intended to do this post yesterday, at 25 days, but life and uni kinda got in the way so here we are, doing it today.  Either way, this holiday is getting closer and closer and I am so super excited, as I’ve been starting to book our fastpasses for the first few days of the holiday.

So, given that we decided that first day had to be Magic Kingdom, it wasn’t too difficult for me to snap up fastpasses for the three mountains for the day: Space, Splash and Big Thunder. We’ll be coming back here for a second day later on in the holiday, so we’re not too worried about trying to get everything done in one day.

Also, we arrive only a few days after the new Animal Kingdom land, Pandora, opens, so given the likelihood of the park being pretty busy, we’ve ended up factoring in a day and a half for this park, even though we would only usually take a day. Plus, due to setting alarms and waiting with a finger hovering over the fastpass button, I’ve managed to secure fastpasses over the two days for both of the new rides, which were notoriously difficult to get them for, so I’m super happy with that. Also fastpasses for the safari, Dinosaur, Kali and Expedition Everest so I think I did pretty well.

That concludes this update and I’ll see all you guys soon!

Much love,

Misto x


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